Going Grain Free (The Pros and Cons for Me…I’m a poet!)

Well, as of this moment I’ve been 100% grain free (meaning no grains: wheat, oats, rice, corn, barley, or any other “grain”) for 14 days.  The first 4 days I was dragging, just tired and feeling crappy but I knew that my body was just readjusting to the lack of quick fuel and would soon shift to utilizing protein and body fat to run (disclaimer: I am not formally educated in this so if science disagrees with that statement, well, that’s why I put this disclaimer in) 🙂  Now I’m feeling so much better and energized that I remember why I’ve stuck with this once I commit to it! So why do I eat this way? Well for one, I did some research a while back that you can read in a past blog here. Secondly, it helps alleviate some of the problems I have. My main problem? I hate admitting it but it’s my adult (junior high) acne. Yes, I always thought once I hit 18-20yrs old that these pesky little pimples would take a hike never to be seen from again. Boy, was I depressingly wrong. Those little buggers have a love affair with me and it’s completely one-sided.  Another problem is stomach issues like bloating, gas, ahem…constipation…ugh, or just general stomach upset. Now I’m not saying I have a gluten allergy, I’m just saying that when I, personally, go grain free I realize how much better I feel and how many of these issues go away (or at least subside to an obvious degree).

So here are the pros and cons.

Pros: Better feeling (and better looking) stomach, which who doesn’t want that? Am I right ladies who have had kids? And men who look like they’re having a kid? (Ahem, Dad…) Better complexion, increased energy, I sleep A LOT better (which to me seems weird but I totally do), healthier choices in foods, and I eat more good fats (nuts, olive oil, coconut oil/flakes, organic butter in moderation, fish), and I know that it’s so much better for MY health to eat this way.  Also my body switches to functioning on fueling from grain carbs to fruits and veggie carbs as well as proteins, fats and my own personal body fat. YIPPEE! Read this article from Nourished Kitchen for 10 reasons to Go Grain Free! AWESOME!

Cons: I LOVE cereal! And baked goods like homemade cookies, cinnamon rolls, donuts, ect…, and I don’t get to indulge in all the things everyone else seems to be enjoying. It makes eating out with other people difficult sometimes. Case in point, we went to bible study the other night and it was Chicken and Rice casserole which looked amazing but I was stuck eating the salad I brought along. Plus I didn’t get to indulge in the fudgy brownies. Or passing on yummy looking muffins, cookies, and cupcakes at various other social gatherings. So really the cons are more lack of indulgences. BUT I did make some pretty delicious grain free cupcakes and my paleo chocolate chip cookies this weekend and enjoyed them in lieu of the wheat flour confections.

Ultimately, I know this kind of lifestyle is better for ME and while I  think it’s a great thing to try, it might not be for everyone. Just sharing my personal choices. 🙂

My food evolution blog post for more insight!


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I'm a part-time stay at home mom of 3 adorable (albeit, crazy) kids who decided after kid #2 to get healthy. I've done the gamut of workouts including videos, at home workouts, gyms, bootcamps, fitness classes, and the mother of all things rough and tough....crossfit. I love training and delving into the world of nutrition to better my health and the health of my family. I'm a nerd and make no apologies for my bad jokes and quirky sense of humor. Oh, and my friends call me the "Terminator".
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1 Response to Going Grain Free (The Pros and Cons for Me…I’m a poet!)

  1. I cant WAIT to try this after the marathon!! I’ve got a few ‘diets’ or ‘ways-of-eating’ if you will, that I want to try after the race is done with. Paleo is one. I want to try the Raw Food detox diet again as well (I saw the hugest and quickest changes to my stomach with that one). You look incredible Megan and you have amazing will power!!

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