Tacfit Summer Showdown (My first crossfit competition, I DIDN’T DIE!!!!)

DSC02127   I SURVIVED!!!! On Saturday, June 14th I competed in my first ever crossfit competition in the scaled division. It was an all day deal with what ended up for me being 7 workouts in one day. Holy, Crapballs.  Here’s how my day went: Got to Offut Airforce Base in Omaha around 7:15am to get checked in and first WOD started at 8:30ish?? Said a few prayers.

WOD 1: 1 minute of max push ups, 30 seconds rest, 1 minute max sit ups then straight into a 2 mile sprint. I did 38 push ups (I think??) and 42 sit ups (??) then ran the 2 miles in 13:26ish….FASTEST. MILES. EVER!!! Still not sure that was a legit 2 miles. Some said it was shorter, some said longer….I’ll never know, I wasn’t wearing my running watch.

I was in the first heat all day so I watched the rest of my CFE family compete in their divisions. Next WOD started around 10am. Had a little time to stretch, eat a bite of banana and half a protein shake. Stomach was super nervous. Said more prayers. Not to win, but to just do my best and give God the glory.

DSC02111Laughing with Teammates.

WOD 2: 9 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible in allotted time) 40 Single Unders, 30 American KB swings, 20 Box jumps 20″ box, 10 push ups. Rinse. Repeat. I managed 3 rounds and 48 reps. I did box jumps where a lot of people did step ups and got higher scores. The downside of going first heat I suppose, you don’t see what other competitors are doing differently to gain ground.


Nick and the kids showed up. Kids ate all my food I brought for the ENTIRE DAY then got sub sandwiches, smoothies, and chips. I still couldn’t eat, too nervous.

WOD 3: 7 minutes with 135# barbell on the back and back squat it every 15 seconds NEVER LETTING GO OF THE BAR OR DROPPING IT…….


Oh….Dear…..Lord….Help….Me….I didn’t drop it, never skipped a squat (they allowed one skip), and managed to not die a gruesome death from backsquats/holds. Ouch. Also, I looked up towards the end, locked eyes with a team-mate standing in my direct line of vision and think I scared the crap right out of him. Maybe it was my red eye glowing…..

Top 10 made it to semi finals. I was 6th. SIXTH!!!!

Semi finals consisted of 2 rounds (5 minute time cap) 10 pull-ups, 10 Ground to Overhead at 75# (snatch or clean and jerk it was up to us, I went with C&J), 200m run. I finished in 4:53. Proceeded to hold down my throw up that was trying to say hello to everyone. Later I laughed about it.

Made finals…..WHAT??? Yep, made it to the top 5. Said more prayers that I’d just survive and find a way to give Him all the glory.

Finals WOD: 1 round of 10 GHD sit ups, 10 pull-ups, 10 Ground to Overhead at 75#, 200m run. Repeat 2 more times with a minute rest in between, cutting the last finisher each round until the top 3 are left. I finished 3rd all 3 rounds. Ended up on the “podium” placing third.


I. Was. FLOORED! Literally and figuratively. I seriously wanted to die from exhaustion. Did I mention I could barely eat all day from nerves and the fear of throwing up my food mid-WOD? Probably not the best move but I made it.

My takeaways:

1. I like competing but am not super competitive with others in that I want them to fail. I actually almost didn’t pass this one gal in the finals cause I felt bad about it.

2. Kindness and courtesy makes a big difference in how your day is going to go. This goes for every aspect of life, not just athletic related things. It’s also a way to share God’s grace with others through your actions.

3. I desperately want to try competing RX sometime but I have to work on my ring dips, muscle ups, double unders (just get more efficient at them), get stronger with the heavier lifts, and probably a few other things. I know, I’m not perfect. Don’t act so surprised.

4. Best part of my day was spending it with friends. Some competed, some just came to cheer us all on. It was seriously awesome! Now I’m sore and fatigued more so than after my Ironman but I’d do it again next weekend. I’m a glutton, you know it.



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I'm a part-time stay at home mom of 3 adorable (albeit, crazy) kids who decided after kid #2 to get healthy. I've done the gamut of workouts including videos, at home workouts, gyms, bootcamps, fitness classes, and the mother of all things rough and tough....crossfit. I love training and delving into the world of nutrition to better my health and the health of my family. I'm a nerd and make no apologies for my bad jokes and quirky sense of humor. Oh, and my friends call me the "Terminator".
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One Response to Tacfit Summer Showdown (My first crossfit competition, I DIDN’T DIE!!!!)

  1. Trevor says:

    Way to go Megan B!

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