The Battle in the Fall (My first RX Crossfit Competition)

Holy balls. Competing in the RX division is probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done physically. And I’ve done a half Ironman and ran a full Marathon (both of which are nothing to sneeze at, whatever that means).  I can honestly say I struggled. All weekend. Every time I thought, “Okay, this event is something I’ll be able to dominate” I failed miserably, in my opinion.  These gals that I competed against were just awesome! 100% PURE AWESOME! I can make excuses like “Oh, I was sick this past week and came into it weak.” or “I’ve only been back into crossfit for 5 months and they’ve been in it years” but when it comes down to it, they were just better. And that’s ok! I’m not saying I’m not a good athlete or am ashamed to have done this, just that this competition was extremely hard for me (in case you think I bash myself a little too much in this post….the following is just my feelings on the experience. Don’t judge me too harshly.) BUT, the best part about it? I made some new friends who are inspiring to me and I LOVED watching them kick butt (even if it was mine!)  It makes it easier to stomach losing when its to people you genuinely like and admire. 🙂

DSC02697 Battle In the Fall at the Mid America Center, Council Bluffs, IowaDSC02707My BFF coming to cheer me on. The hubs kindly captured this moment with kids in tow. He’s pretty dang awesome!

The first workout was NOT my area of expertise.  50 Double Unders (whip marks on my legs to prove it), 12 bar facing burpees, 9 Squat Snatches at 95# (this was my big struggle), 50 more double unders, 12 more burpees, 9 shoulder to overhead at 95#, 50 MORE double unders, 12 MORE burpees, and 9 squat cleans at 95# with a time cap of 8 minutes. Needless to say I didn’t finish. I didn’t even make it to the shoulder to overhead at the competition (unlike when I did it at home and I got to the last round of burpees).  I was humiliated.  I felt like the world’s biggest loser after failing so miserably at that workout amidst major competitors who almost finished the dang thing.


The second workout was a 90# sled pull followed by as many toes to bar as you can do all in 90 seconds. I liked this better. Still finished last but in my defense I couldn’t get to my bar as another judge was in my way. Oh well, I still felt better about the whole event than the first one.

The third event was a 22 minute chipper, meaning there was a lot of movements thrown together.  55 calorie row, 45 box jump overs at 24″, 35 wall balls, 25 Chest to bar (C2B’s) pull ups, 15 pistol squats, 10 deadlifts at 215#, 15 pistols, 25 C2B’s…..and back to the row.  I thought “This is something I can do. I’m a strong endurance wod athlete. Plus, PISTOLS! LOVE THEM!” Boy was I wrong. The row was great, the box jump overs were fine. Then the wall balls. Lost my lungs at that point. Struggled stringing chest to bars together that by the time I got to my beloved pistols I couldn’t even enjoy them. The deadlifts were pure torture and had I not had my weight lifting belt on I would have popped my back and been laid up for the next few months. I did make it back to the pull ups but in pure misery and was begging for the time to run out. I finished second to last on that one. Saved only by my beloved pistols holding up another competitor.


Day one: I felt about as defeated as a person could feel. So I went to Kona Grill and ate flat bread pizza, avocado egg rolls and sushi. Leave me alone, it was glorious.

Sunday’s first event was right up my alley! Kettlebell swings and running: my wheelhouse! Once again: wrong. The kettlebell was heavy on my sore back and quads and the run? 400 meters where the start was up about 60 stadium stairs became pure torture. Once again my lungs quit on me. I couldn’t breathe. Managed to ALMOST finish that workout before time ran out but still finished last or second to last. Can’t recall now.


I knew the next event was going to be embarrassing for me. A one rep max power clean. I’m not as strong as these gals. Not even close. My personal best was 145#, their’s? Most of them were 165-220. Hello, humility, nice to see you again! I warmed up to 145#….twice cause there were delays and I started to stiffen up after the first warm up. Got to the workout, and failed my 145#.  Right afterwards I got a phone call that my middle guy was throwing up with the stomach flu so I grabbed my gear and took off to go get him. Didn’t get to say goodbye to most of my Crossfit Elkhorn crew, didn’t get to congratulate the other ladies who kicked major butt, but that’s how it goes sometimes when you’re a mom.

The rest of Sunday and much of Monday was spent taking care of my sick guy and decontaminating my house so my other 2 kiddos don’t get sick. (Pray that they don’t, please!) When I think of the competition, it’s with regret. Regret that I couldn’t have performed better, that I hadn’t failed quite so badly, and regret that I couldn’t make my coach proud. I’m not writing all this to get sympathy, or accolades. I’m writing what I feel.  I know I did great just for attempting it and stepping out of my comfort zone. I’m thankful that I did it. I learned A LOT about myself and what I need to work on (so many things…so…many). But when it comes down to it I’m glad I did RX. I’m glad I tried. I’m thankful for the physical ability to even do stuff like this! And I am so grateful for my husband who is unwavering in his support and love for me that he gives up entire weekends to watch me torture myself and to my wonderful friends and team-mates who are constantly encouraging and cheering me on. Thank you!!!



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I'm a part-time stay at home mom of 3 adorable (albeit, crazy) kids who decided after kid #2 to get healthy. I've done the gamut of workouts including videos, at home workouts, gyms, bootcamps, fitness classes, and the mother of all things rough and tough....crossfit. I love training and delving into the world of nutrition to better my health and the health of my family. I'm a nerd and make no apologies for my bad jokes and quirky sense of humor. Oh, and my friends call me the "Terminator".
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