Pre-training Prep Routine (How to be at your best)

I was recently asked by ETB Fit (Eat the Bear Fit) to share how I prepare for training and as you all know I’m very accommodating. I often work out really early in the morning and most days (5-6 days a week) train twice a day. Ahh the life of a competitor (or rather wannabe). ūüėČ

Early morning prep: Wake up. Obviously, although if sleep-training was a thing I’d totally be all over that!!! So I get up at 4:30am¬†and take a pre-workout supplement I get from my pal, Nick, at Nutrishop called Erratic. ETB Fit has a few pre-workouts too that I’m planning on trying out as they are natural with no banned substances! Always a plus! ¬†I don’t like to train with food in my stomach in the early mornings but I know a lot of people who do and it works for them. I’d suggest a¬†banana, oatmeal, or something with fast carbs to provide energy. ¬†For the early morning workout I head to my Crossfit box, Crossfit Elkhorn. ¬†I stretch out and mobilize to warm up my muscles for whatever the wod is for that day. I love the pigeon stretch and do that one every day. I also like to roll out or use lacrosse balls to smash out any sore muscles and knots that might need to be loosened up pre workout. ¬†Utilizing bands for stretching out muscles are a daily pre-workout routine as well, stretching my lats, hamstrings, hip flexors, shoulders, triceps, etc…you get the idea.

Mentally preparing, well, it depends on the workout. If its a tough one I’m dreading I tend to joke around about it. ¬†Listening to good music helps too. Eminem, Fall out Boys, anything with a good, hard beat and edge helps get me in the mindset to go after it. And I often say a prayer (I know, weird when I say I listen to Eminem! HA!) especially when I’m competing. It just reminds me that no matter how I perform, all glory goes to God.

Post workout I do a big serving of protein with a piece of fruit and some healthy fat like almonds, coconut oil (1 tbsp), or if I’m in a rush, which I usually am with 3 kids in the morning, I eat a protein bar. Not ideal but if you can find a good one with all natural ingredients like RX bar or Luna Protein they’re great for a quick post-wod meal. The reasoning being to help your body and muscles recover and refuel from training. This is in no way an opportunity for you to go eat a bunch of crap like donuts or cinnamon rolls because you deserved it. Once in a while, yes, treat yourself, but not all the time. It’s also good to stretch and mobilize, roll out, and smash muscles post wod as well. It helps muscles from cramping and keeps them loose. I’m not great at doing this but we all have room for improvement.

Prep for 2nd training session is different. I do eat before this one but usually either breakfast or lunch depending on when I ¬†train again. Or a snack if its late afternoon before dinner. Usually protein (either whey protein or lean meat such as turkey or chicken) and a carb (veggies, fruit, or whole grains if you aren’t following a grain-free diet which I do from time to time). ¬†I don’t stretch as much for this workout but still try to stretch some of the muscles I’ll be using for the workout. It’s always important to warm up muscles, it helps performance as well as prevents injury. ¬†Post second wod is typical of the first, protein and carbohydrates for refueling and rest.

Getting plenty of sleep and proper nutrition is so important to being at your best for training. Hydration is key too! And I’m not referring to pop, sugary energy drinks, or alcohol either! WATER, WATER, and MORE WATER!!! Not only does it help with recovery and preventing dehydration but it also aids in weight loss and overall health. Who doesn’t love that!?¬†If you do like a post-workout drink, I love FitAid for its natural ingredients and BCAA’s. ¬†KillCliff is another favorite for this crossfit gal. ūüôā¬†It’s also important to take time off for recovery (something I’m really bad at).

So that’s it in a nutshell. It works for me but it’s good to try different things to discover what may work best for you and your optimal performance! Happy training! Terminator out.


About terminatormom

I'm a part-time stay at home mom of 3 adorable (albeit, crazy) kids who decided after kid #2 to get healthy. I've done the gamut of workouts including videos, at home workouts, gyms, bootcamps, fitness classes, and the mother of all things rough and tough....crossfit. I love training and delving into the world of nutrition to better my health and the health of my family. I'm a nerd and make no apologies for my bad jokes and quirky sense of humor. Oh, and my friends call me the "Terminator".
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