About Me: Wife, Mom, Terminator…….

  My name’s Megan and I am a mother to 3 beautiful children who works part-time at a children’s ER. I am what I like to call a “Professional Mom” which means I stay home most days and take care of the kids, house, cook, bake, clean, chauffeur, coach, mediate (this one more than anything else…sigh….) and in the midst of all that train hard and eat healthy. I like to think I’m funny and enjoy writing. I am NOT a professional fitness trainer nor nutritionist or dietician. The information I blog about is my own personal perspective on various topics relating to fitness/nutrition and sometimes everyday life.  I suppose you are also wondering about the “terminator” part. Well, my friends refer to me as a machine when it comes to training hard.  And thus, “Terminator” was born. Either that or I’m really a machine sent from the future….


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